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The week of Monday, February 27th - Monday, March 6th is going to be action packed with amazing speakers sharing how you can become a calmer, happier parent by identifying your own triggers and creating space for self-care - without feeling guilty.

But the summit totally defeats its intended purpose if you're overwhelmed by trying to catch every video each day... That's where the Happy Mom VIP Pass comes in!

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a $2,809 value!

  • 33 expert speaker sessions you can view immediately and go through at your own pace ($957 value),
  • Edited transcripts (one for each session) so that you can find the parts you love without having to find it on video ($396 value),
  • Summit workbook to fully engage with each session and take your understanding to a deeper level ($49 value),
  • Exclusive VIP Happy Hour during the summit to connect with other VIPs and make new friends ($45 value),
  • One exclusive VIP workshop and Q&A on Creating Your Post-Summit Action Plan: How to Follow-Through on What You Learned ($49 value),
  • 1-month of Balance VIP, the No Guilt Mom Parenting & Life Coaching Membership ($79 value),
  • Extra attention from the No Guilt Mom team throughout the summit, PLUS
  • $1,313 in premium bonuses from our speakers and partners!
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Check out these PREMIUM bonuses - available only to VIPs

Powerful Pep Talks Game Plan Workshop For Sports Moms

Breanne Smedley, Elite Competitor Coach for Female Athletes

The Powerful Pep Talks Game Plan Workshop takes the guesswork out of what to say to your athlete before, during, or after they compete.

(a $297 value)

Peaceful Discipline in Action Live Workshop

Sarah R. Moore, Author, Founder of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting

Join Sarah R. Moore for a one-hour LIVE Zoom meeting for Peaceful Discipline support. Take real-time parenting tips to the next level and enjoy more peace with your children.

(a $120 value)

Develop Healthy Boundaries with Your Tweens and Teens

Sheryl Gould, Parent Educator and Founder of Moms of Tweens and Teens

Get a workbook with reflective questions, exercises, and worksheets to implement all that you are learning,
conversation scripts to set limits that work with your kids,
download printable consequences and rewards worksheet
and get transcribed notes of all 3 modules for easy reference.

(a $97 value)

28 Day Metabolism Reset

Ruth Soukup, Founder & CEO Thinlicious

The 28 Day Metabolism Reset Program is a 4 week comprehensive program designed to switch the way your body burns fuel. At Thinlicious™ we know diets don't work and that's why we created a system for nourishing your body that can easily fit into your busy lifestyle, with zero deprivation and absolutely no starvation.

(a $77 value)

The Intentional Mom Planning System

Jennifer Roskamp, Founder of The Intentional Mom

Created by a mom of 9, The Intentional Mom Planning System will help you get some of the everyday things in your life running on auto-pilot so that you'll have more time for what really matters to you. Once you follow the "get started quick" 3-step process, you'll go from surviving to thriving in under 30 minutes.

(a $76 value)

Home Management Power Pack

Ruth Soukup, Founder & CEO of Living Well Spending Less

A digital library of genius Trello templates for organizing every aspect of your home life. Included more than 15 prebuilt Trello templates that are completely customizable. Use them as-is, or adjust as necessary to fit your own life.

(a $67 value)

Time Saving Home Systems Toolkit

Marielle Melling of Lovin' Life with LIttles

The Time Saving Home Systems Toolkit is a bundle of resources to help you take care of your home faster and easier, so you can free up time for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. It includes guides, quick videos, checklists, challenges, and more to help you save time with meals, cleaning, and time management. Let me quickly show you how to feel like a Super-Mom who gets everything done and still has time to actually enjoy parenting.

(a $59 value)

Your Cycle 101 Challenge

Renae Fieck, Founder of Your Cycle Advantage, Occupational Therapist

Your Cycle 101 Challenge contains tasks to provide step-by-step implementation steps to get more done in less time by aligning with your body and cycle. You'll gain the foundations of the Cycle Advantage™️ Method where you’ll discover how your body is uniquely designed differently than men, designed to operate on the 28-day calendar versus 24-hours, and how to tap into your limitless potential as a woman.

(a $49 value)

Speed Party Planning Tool Kit

Katrina Rauch, Founder, Fab Party Planning Mom

A pack of worksheets that will help you organize and plan ALL your party details for your child's next party - in less than an hour!

(a $49 value)

Meditation Mama Prenatal Bundle

Kelly Smith, Founder Yoga for You, Host of Mindful in Minutes Podcast

This is a bundle of 4 prenatal yoga classes, 4 prenatal meditations, a 2-hour at home mama self-care retreat and 2 PDFs of affirmations and breathwork for pregnancy. It's all done at your own pace and suitable for all trimesters.

(a $49 value)

Calm BIG Emotions video training

Danielle Bettman

Handle the meltdowns, tantrums, and fits of RAGE your strong-willed child throws your way! Zoom out to learn what's really going on, gain helpful perspective to inform your approach, and master step-by-step ways to respond. After spending just 30 minutes with this resource, you'll bring a whole new level of confidence into the most stressful moments of parenting.

(a $47 value)

Slay Your #MomGoals Planner

Lucy Reyes

Learn how to plan out tasks with your goals in mind, track your progress, celebrate your achievements and more using this planner made specifically for moms. It comes both in printable and online-fillable formats.

(a $37 value)

Emotion Regulation Course

Marcelle Waldman, Founder of FeelLinks, parent, teacher, and community educator

Understand how emotions influence our brains and how to support children's regulation skills. This course is personalized for you, with built in time to stop, reflect, think, and try it out.

(a $35 value)

Organize 365® Housework, Home & Paper Organization Magazines

Lisa Woodruff, CEO & Founder of Organize 365

We have put together 3 of our most popular magazines on housework, home and paper organization for the Happy Mom Summit VIP All-Access Pass. These magazines will help you make the invisible work visible, have necessary conversations about home and paper organization and give you the tools to get started tackling these areas of your life.

(a $30 value)

Routine Expansion Roadmap

Cara Harvey, Productivity Expert CEO, A Purpose Driven Mom

In this bundle you'll receive 7 Trello boards to help you get organized with your routines and habits! Each Trello boards has a video that not only gives you instructions on how to use the board but tips to getting your routines off the ground!

(a $27 value)

Self-Reflection Workbook

Dr. Whitney Casares, Pediatrician, Author, Speaker, CEO, Podcast Host

This twenty-two page workbook includes self-reflection journaling pages, instructions and guidance, as well as the framework to plan daily, weekly, and ongoing sustainable and values-based self-care routines.

(a $25 value)

The 2e Toolbox for Parents

Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D., Founder and President, With Understanding Comes Calm

You’re in the moment. Your child is (or you are) MELTING DOWN. You feel yourself slipping into a POWER STRUGGLE. If only there was A 2e EXPERT ON YOUR SHOULDER to help you manage these turbulent times. In this 2e Toolbox™️ for Parents, you’ll find some signature strategies to better understand the 2e profile and learn particularly impactful strategies.

(a $25 value)

Farm Animal Activity Pack

Heather O'Donnell, Educator & Founder, Kindergarten Readiness

Done-for-you preschool activities with a fun farm animal theme. Literacy and Math games included!

(a $24 value)

The 20 Minute Stepmom Self-Care Blueprint

Cameron Normand, This Custom Life

It's easy to put yourself on the back burner when you're a stepmom. But with our blueprint, you can create your own stepmom self-care plan in just 20 minutes.

(a $20 value)

Ultimate Guide to Motivating Your Kids

Amy McCready, Parenting Coach & Founder, Positive Parenting Solutions

In this 3-part video training, parents will learn how to end the "what's in it for me?" attitude, stop trading tech time for good behavior, wean kids off a rewards-based system with a few simple words that work, ditch the sticker charts, quit paying for grades, and FINALLY get your kids motivated!

(a $19 value)

Sex Talks with Tweens: What to Say & How to Say It

Amy Lang, MA, Sexuality and Parent Educator

Wondering how to talk to your kids about sex? Need the actual words? Sex Talks with Tweens is exactly that! Scripts, tips, and tons of help so that you really can become their go-to birds and bees source.

(a $19 value)

Freezer Cooking Starter Guide

Jessica Litwin, Founder, This Happy Mommy

The Freezer Cooking Starter Guide is your answer to making dinnertime easier. Even if you have never tried freezer cooking before, this guide will show you the 3 simple steps to making easy freezer dinners and how to make meals even your kids will love—and save time cooking them.

(a $15 value)

1-month membership to the Kids Eat Real Food Picky Eating Playbook P.E.P. Club

Katie Kimball, CSME, Creator of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

It’s time to stop looking for “meals kids love” and start helping your kids love mealtime. Learn what to say to help your kids feel good about food, how to feel confident serving dinner instead of just wishing everyone would eat what you make, and why some kids are “picky” and how to help them become great eaters.

(a $15 value)

FREE 90-day paid trial to the Substack newsletter "Is My Kid the Asshole?"

Melinda Wenner Moyer, Journalist and Author

Get a free 90-day paid subscription trial to my newsletter "Is My Kid the Asshole?", the #4 parenting newsletter on Substack and featured many times in The Week magazine's Best Parenting Advice

(a $15 value)

The Budget Kitchen Guide

Kris Dovbniak, Chef & Founder of Healthy Mama Kris

Eating healthy on a budget feel impossible? Not anymore! In this 90+ page guide (including 15 DIY budget-friendly recipes), former personal chef, recipe developer, health coach and busy mama Kris Dovbniak of Healthy Mama Kris takes you through the 5 keys to becoming a budget-minded cook, from your budget to your meal plan, the grocery store to your home kitchen.

(a $15 value)

Empathy and Problem Solving Mini-Session

Chazz Lewis, Educational Specialist/ Teacher/ Content Creator

The course teaches parents how to go from empathy to problem solving. I share a specific "Script" you can use.

(a $5 value)

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